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Ada 3 alasan kenapa PhD candidate perlu uji agar penguji melihat

  • whether it is your own work;
  • whether you understand what you did;
  • whether it is worth a PhD (i.e. is a contribution to knowledge).

Beberapa hal yang menjadi poin seorang penguji adalah

  • Understanding: that you’re ready to become an independent researcher.
  • Relationship to other work: that you have a command of your subject-area. Similarity to the work of others doesn’t detract from novelty!
  • Novelty – is your work publishable? If you have already published a couple of papers, that should be proof of sufficient originality. Don’t panic about recent publications that are very similar to your work – the important thing is to be aware of them, and to know the differences between your work and theirs.
  • What you have achieved, and that you are aware of its implications. What will it make a difference to?
  • Demonstration of hypothesis (what you set out to achieve). How have you evaluated/tested your hypothesis? Always be prepared to reconsider your hypothesis if you end up demonstrating something else – it’s vitally important that your results match your hypothesis, and that you have a convincing argument for this.
  • Why did you do it the way you did? Not just your practical work, but everything. For example, your literature review should be focused towards your hypothesis.

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